D3.js resources to improve your visualizations

I’ve collected some of my favorite resources that you can use in combination with D3.js to enhance your visualizations and save you time.

Photo of D3 Legend D3 Legend created by Susie Lu is a nice way to generate legends. If you are sick of building legends over and over again, this is a great resource.

Photo of Graph Scroll
Graph Scroll created by Adam Pearce makes it easier to build scrolling visualizations like this one on Bloomberg.

Photo of textures.js
Textures.js created by Riccardo Scalco is awesome for a host of reasons. There’s a large variety of textures, a nice API, and also good ideas for how to use them in your visualizations.

Photo of D3 Tooltip
D3.tip created by Justin Palmer is one of the first D3 plugins I used. You can use this on all sorts of visualizations to provide context and additional information.

Photo of D3 Line Chunked
D3 Line Chunked created by Peter Beshai is a great way to display missing data for your line charts.

Have any D3.js plugins or resources that you find yourself coming back to? Let me know on twitter.