An Old Tool for Designers

5 years ago, I decided to learn D3.js. I was a designer, and didn’t have much JavaScript experience. Looking back, it was one of the best career decisions I’ve made.

I’ve used many different design tools. Some have been helpful, many are obsolete. Data visualization has lasting power. It’s an old tool.

Cholera Outbreak Map of the 1854 Cholera Outbreak, by John Snow

Data visualization is challenging because it sits at the intersection of many disciplines. Graphic design is one of these, but so is behavioral psychology, statistics, and mathematics. The reason it’s challenging is also a reason it’s worth digging into. You get exposure.

I still consider myself a designer, but data visualization is an important creative and technical outlet of mine. If you feel like you’ve hit a wall with design, and want to build your skill sets without leaving the industry, data visualization is worth checking out.

If you are interested in building data visualizations with D3.js, i’ve built a course to help you learn it from the ground up. Sign up below and i’ll send you a free lesson.